***Tournament schedules will be posted as they are solidified.

Girls Teams
Energy 11U – Blue Energy 11U – Lime Energy 12U – White Energy 12U – Elite
Energy Surge 12U - Blue Energy 13U - Elite Energy 13U - Extreme Energy 13U - Volt
Energy Surge 13U - Blue Energy Surge 13U - Lime Energy Surge 13U - White Energy 14U - Elite
Energy 14U - Extreme Energy 14U - Volt Energy Surge 14U - Blue Energy Surge 14U - Lime
Energy Surge 14U - White Energy Surge 14U - Black Energy 15U – Elite Energy 15U – Extreme
Energy 15U – Volt Energy Surge 15U – Blue Energy Surge 15U – Lime Energy Surge 15U – White
Energy Surge 15U – Black Energy 16U – Elite Energy 16U – Extreme Energy 16U – Volt
Energy Surge 16U – Blue >Energy Surge 16U – Lime Energy Surge 16U – White Energy 18U - Elite
Energy 18U - Extreme Energy 18U - Surge Blue Energy 18U - Surge Lime

Important Player Uniform Info

nike-blackAll Energy Players must wear the Energy issued uniforms for all tournament play:

Failure to wear and or have any of the above items means you will not play in the entire tournament, this is not optional or up to the coach. If you are missing items replacements can be purchased in the pro shop.

***Tournament Food Policy: NO OUTSIDE FOOD AT EVBC!***

ENERGY's TOURNAMENT FOOD POLICY = NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES, including coffee, may be brought into the Energy Sports Complex on tournament days. This policy is in effect at ALL VB facilities. (Athletes may bring a bottle of water or sports drink only.) Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages are available within the facility at Energy Concessions throughout each tournament day.

Failure to follow food policy can result in personal and/or team fine or forfeit!