While I have led Energy VBC’s rapid growth in size, I continue to adhere to that original vision. I will never allow our ambitious goals compromise our mission to develop the whole player, for each and every player regardless of level or ability. I am constantly looking to improve every aspect of Energy VBC’s capabilities and the Energy VBC experience.

I began my interest in Volleyball back in 1977 when my High School, Mother McAuley, took it’s first of many State Championships. I feel it is a great sport for all and one you can continue to play throughout your life. Having had 2 daughters play over 11 years with various clubs on the North Shore, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I started Energy VBC with my good friend and “parent in the stands buddy” Josh Pak, who also saw the need for a new volleyball club. Together I feel we have built that club in Energy VBC, where it is good for the player, the parent, the coach and the game of volleyball.

Energy began with 1 team, 10 players gathering in my basement the fall of 2005. 2 years later we were moving into a 20,000sf facility with then 7 teams under the Energy name. This did not last long as we continued to grow and 2 years later we moved again to a 52,000 sf facility now known as The Energy Sports Complex dedicated solely to volleyball. We house 7 courts, including 1 custom championship court, full service concessions, pro shop, trainers room, work out area, viewing area, recuiters deck, private meeting rooms. We have also grown our program to 32 girls teams, and added a youth program, tots program, youth clinics and summer camps. We now have over 400 players and counting in our programs with one of the highest retention rates for the area. I am always looking for ways to improve our programs and our facility. I believe you can never stop learning and you must always keep an open mind.

Our teams level of play has also grown significantly, we qualify for Nationals regularly at all ages and are looking for our first National title. I do believe it will be ours in the near future. Our teams almost always place in top 3 for all local tournaments, if not taking 1st. I have been able to establish and retain a very strong team of coaches over the years as well as training new ones for our future. I give a lot of attention to what is needed (coaching tools , supplies, equipment and mentoring)to make sure they have all the support to be the best they can be. I am very fortunate to have not only strong coaches but an even stronger administrative staff behind them. All of which bring years of experience to the table. This past year we were named to the top 25 Volleyball clubs in the US by Nike.

The facility has been recognized as one of the best in the country, décor, concessions, lay out. Many recruiters tell me it is the best they have ever seen. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, whether it be new ref stands, a recruiting viewing deck, visitors lounge, heat, pro shop, work out area. I tried to take the best of other facilities and bring them all together under 1 roof with an upgrade and Energy twist. It gives my players a place to be proud of to call home and others a reason to come.

I am committed to seeing Energy VBC continue this passion and path of victorious seasons. I could not be more proud of our players and staff. My goal is to see each one achieve their dream, whatever it may be and let Energy give them the tools to get there. We have players who have gone on to play college ball and many players who are currently being recruited. My true enjoyment comes when I hear our players say that they cannot wait to get back to the club season and in the facility. I now have players from the 1st Energy team come back and coach for me and doing quite well . It tells me I have done something right and I will continue to keep building towards a program that continues to get better with age.