Energy VBC’s 52,000 sq. ft. Sports Complex is the largest USA Volleyball sanctioned facility in the Northern Chicago Metro area. Every inch of our building is dedicated to Energy Volleyball Programs; that’s a lot of space dedicated to ensuring the best experience for Energy VBC athletes! We house 7 full regulation courts, with 36-foot ceilings and lighting that exceeds all National requirements, giving our players the ultimate volleyball experience. We have plenty of comfortable, heated seating and bleachers available for spectators along with a full concession area to make the experience more enjoyable for all. Other amenities include a high quality sound system and Wi-Fi Internet access. Parking is abundant and located adjacent to the building. Click for Directions and Parking Map

The Energy Sports Complex is currently host to multiple Boys’ and Girls’ National Qualifier events as well as local tournaments for the Great Lakes Region of USA Volleyball. Come out and see us and enjoy the game of volleyball!!

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Courts and Equipment

All Energy VBC equipment is highly recommended by and meets all regulations of USA Volleyball. Energy Sports Complex has 7 fullsize competition courts assuring smooth-running tournaments with minimal down time and always spare courts available for warm-ups. Our courts are made by Sport Court® and Snap Sports® with ShockTower® cushioning to protect our athletes from injury, and our 36-foot ceilings assure unobstructed play. These official-size volleyball courts sanctioned by USA Volleyball give the “Olympic” feel and creates the ideal environment for athletes striving to become the best volleyball players then can be.




Energy Concessions is a full service stop for all your nourishment needs. We offer breakfast items like muffins, bagels, and oatmeal, and a variety of lunch options including hotdogs, pizza, fried rice, soup, and chili. Snacks are available all day during tournaments (hot pretzels, popcorn, walking tacos, Italian Beef sandwiches, smoothies, ice cream, etc). Concessions are also open for snacks and beverages during every Energy VBC team practice.

City and Sugar Tax are included in concession prices.


You never have to worry about finding a seat at Energy Sports Complex. Whether you’re waiting for your favorite athlete to finish practice or socializing with other Energy VBC fans, we have plenty of seating conveniently adjacent to the courts and Energy Concessions, including picnic table seating and individual tables and chairs. So grab a spot, relax, and enjoy the games!

Energy ProShop

Looking for volleyball apparel, equipment, and Energy fan-wear? Spike’s has you covered! Our In-House Proshop has everything a Energy VBC athlete or parent could want! Shirts/Hoodies, Shoes/Socks, Kneepads, Spandex, Volleyballs, and much, much more!

Facility Rental

Located at 6352 Howard Street in Niles, Energy’s 52,000 sq ft Sports Complex can be rented for needs large and small (when they are not in use by Energy.)

All Energy players can reserve a court. Players can work with their parents or siblings, only immediate family is allowed. Non-Energy players and siblings that play for other club teams are not allowed to accompany the Energy Player.

Available for Trade Shows, Company Events, Family Reunions ….
For info please email  Abby Mossing

Energy Tournament Protocol

Tournament Food Policy: NO OUTSIDE FOOD AT EVBC!

ENERGY’s TOURNAMENT FOOD POLICY = NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES, including coffee, may be brought into the Energy Sports Complex on tournament days. This policy is in effect at ALL VB facilities. (Athletes may bring a bottle of water or sports drink only.) Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages are available within the facility at Energy Concessions throughout each tournament day.

Failure to follow food policy can result in personal and/or team fine or forfeit!


Players should store all belongings on the shelves located nearest to the court they are playing on. Everyone, including spectators, is responsible for anything they bring to Energy Sports Complex. Energy VBC is not responsible for any item brought to Energy Sports Complex that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

There are no guns allowed inside Energy Sports Complex.