• Angie Pieroni – Bucknell University
  • Brittany Welch – New Mexico State University
  • Olivia Burnside – Dennison University


  • Jordan Mrkvicka – Converse College
  • Kaila Johanson – Carthage College
  • Zoe Strozeski – Kean College


  • Niki Ahlstrand – North Park University
  • Allison Grzebien – University of Memphis
  • Nastassja Litinsky – Wesleyan University
  • Devin Murray – Xavier Univeristy


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Energy VBC Recruiting Liaison

College Recruitment

SpikeEnergy VBC provides a wide range of support for college recruiters.
In addition to maintaining current information on Energy VBC athlete recruiting prospects on recruiting websites (i.e., VolleyballRecruits.net), Energy VBC’s Recruiting Liaisons work directly with recruiters, providing them with needed information on all athletes, consultations (including recommending athletes that should be good fits), and access to supplemental material from services Energy VBC makes available to athletes (videos, etc.).

Energy also prepares its athletes to be recruited and advocates for them in the college recruiting process, we recommend athletes to recruiters, and we provide optional services like recruitment websites and videos to help our athletes best showcase themselves. Go to EVBC Athletes’ Resources

“Please thank everyone with Energy for an outstanding day. This is the most coach-friendly tournament I have EVER been to.”

— Jim Dietz, Volleyball Coach, Lincoln Land Community College

Energy VBC Recruiting is powered by Energy Recruits